Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC

Welcomes You Each Sunday.

Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC was created for those who desire the connection with spirit while in a community with like minded people. The contemporary service is held on Zoom, and will leave you with the positive energy you have been seeking. The music has been carefully chosen to invoke the unconditional love of spirit.

This is not a traditional service. The service projects a new face to Spiritualism that even the youngest attendee will feel the energy of the service and the God energy within.

Our services are each Sunday at 5pm through Zoom. For information about our service, check our FaceBook page as well as our Announcements page. To recieve your Zoom invitation email:

If you are interested in learning more about how you can join our church service and church membership, send an email to  

We welcome you to healing, church service and message service. Your relationship with the Infinite Intelligence is special and personal. Feel that connection with each service at Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church!

Pastor Bonnie

Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC

is a proud member of the 

National Spiritualist Association of Churches.