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Even though some people haven't heard about Spiritualism, they know they are spiritual people. Spiritualism is about finding and acknowledging that spirit within. Finding the God within is waiting for those enlightened individuals who know there is more to this physical experience.  Those enlightened may sense the presence of someone they miss who have moved on to the spirit world. Enlightenment comes in many forms.

As a teaching church, Love of Spirit will help you find that God within. Through instruction (Lyceum) discover the many gifts you hold inside. Become your true self. Become one who finds purpose in your path of this physical life. 

An old religion with new age thinking.


About a Spiritualist Church Service


Love of Spirit will provide an uplifting service that will give you inspiration for your week. The service will touch your soul and leave you with something that will give you positive energy to start your week. 

Many times songwriters touch our soul with lyrics. I'm sure there has been times where a song has touched you in a way that it effects the way you feel with the opening notes. At Love of Spirit, we understand the importance of ministry through music. This is not your grandparent's church. The service is tailored to today's message touching your spiritual side of life, and enhancing your need to find inner peace and that inner spirit. 

Spiritualism is not about ritual and dogma. It is about positive energy and love. Love your neighbor, love yourself and love of God. 


The word Lyceum is Greek for "Place of Conversation". Lyceum is the name given to our educational groups in our churches, camps, and State Associations. During this time of instruction, Spiritualist churches provide primary and continuing education for both adults and children. Adult Lyceum can include classes in areas of studies in mediumship, spiritual healing, meditation, continuation of life, Natural Law Declaration of Principles and Spirituality. 

Some of the classes we will offer are in Spirituality and the Self Discovery and Awareness, Crossing Over, Inspirational Writing, Opening Your Channel, and Mysticism and Mediumship, to name a few. Refer to our Announcements page to learn the latest Lyceum topics. Lyceum will follow directly after the worship service.