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Andrew Jackson Davis


A man with little education made a his mark in Spiritualism and was known as "the Poughkeepsie Seer" by his clairvoyant abilities. Between 1850-1868 he wrote the following: The Great Harmonia, The Philosophy of Special Providences, The Magic Staff: An Autobiography, A Stellar Key To The Summer Land, Tale of Physician Or The Seeds And Fruit Of Crime, Views Of Our Heavenly Home

Andrew Jackson Davis was key in the progression of Spiritualism. He had a dream of his mother's new home which was called Summerland. When he arrived home, he had found his mother had passed to spirit. She was in her new home, Summerland.

The Great Harmonia

The Magic Staff:An Autobiography

A Stellar Key To The Summer Land

Views Of Our Heavenly Home


Pioneers are an important part of our history. While the availability of some of the printed materials are rare, the information is important in understanding Spiritualism today. Spiritualism is a a religion based on the continuation of life and proving the phenomena that support the religion. Many pioneers paved the way for today's Spiritualists. 

Many of the writings are used today in the instruction for credentialed workers, including Ordained Spiritualist Ministers. To learn more about how you can become a credentialed Spiritualist worker (Commissioned Healer, Certified Medium, Licentiate Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and/or Ordained Minister, go to Morris Pratt Institute has been a part of the NSAC's education for almost 100 years.