To learn the latest, you may want to bookmark this page. Love of Spirit welcomes everyone to it's service. 

Spiritualists come from all walks of life and many times from various religions. Finding a religion that speaks to the soul is important to the spiritual well being. Refer back to this page to learn upcoming workshops and Lyceum topics. Love of Spirit is a training church, helping those who are seeking guidance and instruction in developing their path to spiritual enlightenment. Spiritualism is the religion that has a new age feel, giving member a sense of belonging with others who are like minded. 





September 16, 2018: 4:00 Church Service

Lyceum: Toni Mesley - Healing Stones

September 23, 2018: 4:00 Church Service

Lyceum: Lisa Kyle-Wolf - Holy Grail Vortex

September 30, 2018: 4:00 Church Service

Lyceum: TBA

October 7, 2018: 4:00 Church Service

Lyceum: TBA

October 14, 2018: 4:00 Church Service

Lyceum:  TBA

October 21, 2018: 4:00 Church Service

Lyceum: Darrin Ford -TBA




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