To learn the latest, you may want to bookmark this page. Love of Spirit welcomes everyone to our service. 

Spiritualists come from all walks of life and many times from various religions. Finding a religion that speaks to the soul is important to the spiritual well being. Refer back to this page to learn upcoming workshops and Lyceum topics. Love of Spirit is a training church, helping those who are seeking guidance and instruction in developing their path to spiritual enlightenment. Spiritualism is the religion that has a new age feel, giving member a sense of belonging with others who are like minded. 






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Interested in ministry?

Credentialed healer or medium? 

Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC is a teaching church. Pastor Bonnie is an  ordained Spiritualist minister who can walk with you through your path of spiritual discovery.

Areas of instruction include Certified Medium, Commissioned Healers, National Spiritualist Teacher, Licentiate Minister and Ordained Minister.  

You don’t have to go it alone.

Love of Spirit helps you though the challenging times of study and celebrates your achievements. Follow this link to learn more about Morris Pratt Institute.




The Intuitive Development Class is scheduled starting the first week of October. Details for the next series of classes and registration is located on our website under events/workshops.

Next Tuesday, September 22, at 6pm central time, we will definitely hold the discussion group: Observed Facts, Spiritualist Philosophy. The topic will be: Why is Spiritualism a Philosophy. Please accept our sincerest apologies for last month’s cancellation.

This year is the first year since 1918 the NSAC Convention in October which was to be held in Phoenix is canceled due to the pandemic. For membership, you will be receiving a list of the events and workshops that will be offered that week. If you are not a member of Love of Spirit, check with the churches you hold your membership to receive the list.

November 1, 2020 is when we change our clocks back an hour. Please remember to set your clocks back.

For past devotions and copies of Sunday Sermons go to

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As a member of the Delegate Church Association at Carle BroMenn, we ask that you please keep the patients  and staff in your prayers in the Addiction Recovery Unit.



Observed Facts, Spiritualist Philosophy

Tuesday, September 22

through Zoom.

A link will be sent to you in a separate email closer to the group time if you are currently on our email list. To receive a zoom invite, email

You are invited to join us for discussion.


Intuitive Development Classes

Start October 1

through Zoom.

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