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Spiritualists come from all walks of life and many times from various religions. Finding a religion that speaks to the soul is important to the spiritual well being. Refer back to this page to learn upcoming workshops and Lyceum topics. Love of Spirit is a training church, helping those who are seeking guidance and instruction in developing their path to spiritual enlightenment. Spiritualism is the religion that has a new age feel, giving member a sense of belonging with others who are like minded. 




The journey of a soul is eternal—everlasting; it simply changes form. As the soul passes from this life to the other side, it will participate in a life review. At this point, it will have the opportunity to see all of the avenues laid out in that lifetime. Perhaps it may feel disappointed that now with this information life could have taken a different turn. The word “committed” suicide would indicate the guilt or wrongdoing of an individual. Nothing should be judged by anyone as right or wrong; it is just a decision a soul choses to experience.

One should never diminish the loss of a loved one by any avenue; to understand that life continues on in another form allows those left behind to feel, hear, or see their loved one through messages from the other side. Simply by thinking about who passed away will bring that energy forth. Those on the other side love the validation they receive when a loved one acknowledges their life and continued presence. Coincidences don’t exist. The subtle clues, such as a light flashing, a shadow, or even a butterfly are reminders that our loved ones are close by and still want to be part of our life.

“See the flower as dying and you will see the flower sadly. Yet see the flower as part of a whole tree that is changing, and will soon bear fruit, and you see the flower’s true beauty. When you understand the blossoming and the falling away of the flower is a sign that the tree is ready to bear fruit, then you understand life” (Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh).

Please join us for this informal discussion. As Spiritualists, we understand the importance of allowing everyone his or her opinion, as we journey through life and to always treat others as we want to be treated.

March 25 - 4pm - Healing and Worship Service 

Lyceum - Tara Hennessy - Suicide

April 1 - 4pm - Healing and Worship Service 

Lyceum - Toni Messley - Fear

April 8 - 4pm - Healing and Worship Service 


April 15 - 4pm - Healing and Worship Service 

Lyceum - Pastor Bonnie - Past Life Meditation

April 22 - 4pm - Healing and Worship Service 

Lyceum - Tara Hennessy - TBA

April 29 - 4pm - Healing and Worship Service 

Lyceum - Joyce Volkmann - Pyramids

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