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Sunday, May 30

3:00 PM Central Daylight Time

$25 each

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How to Create and Sustain Links to the Spirit World

with Rev. Jean Mandeville

Have you as a medium wondered how you can sustain your links to the Spirit World when communicating with them?

We can have access to great amounts of physical energy. The magnetic energy of the earth is a pulse that we can draw from. Historic mediums have known of this resource and have used it to support their connections to the spirit world. 

In this class we will do several exercises to build and store this energy in our bodies and auric fields. This energy can support and sustain us. It also brings healing. By “sitting in this power” we are able to sustain our connections for getting messages from spirit.

We will also discuss how to use the chakras to connect to spirit. Spirit responds to mediums when we approach them. By having the tools of how to work with the chakras, we as mediums can find a new clarity of connection and we can learn to hold the connection for an extended time. Different chakras correspond to different mediumship and/or psychic gifts. By learning the differences, we can have more control over our mediumship. 

BIO for Reverend Jean Mandeville

Jean was recently ordained as a Spiritualist Reverend in November of 2020, and is a Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  She is on the board of trustees for The First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic and Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp. Jean teaches mediumship development throughout New England and has actively studied spirituality for 26 years.

She has been a guest on “Adventures with the Paranormal” at TV station 9 in Seekonk, Massachusetts, and on “Dream Visions 7” Radio where she discussed the continuity of life and some of her experiences of working with Spirit. Jean has also worked with the JK Paranormal investigators in Newport, RI, and Niantic, CT. Jean studied Shamanism with Ed Douzanis who taught many throughout the New England area.

Jean has trained with the world-renowned British tutors Chris Drew, Colin Bates, Judith Seaman, trained with Mavis Pitilla for a year-long 2020 mentorship program, and is currently in the year-long mentorship program  2021 with Paul Jacobs. 

She has a Master’s Degree in Education, is a Reiki Master, a Clinical Hypnotist, and a Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, (SRT).Jean is also available to do SRT clearings. SRT is a system of Jean working with her high self to assess, research, and clear blocks to a greater expression of life.  It is a meticulous step-by-step method of researching the subconscious mind and the soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness, and spiritual growth.


Observed Facts, Spiritualist Philosophy

4th Sunday of each month 4-5 pm on Zoom. For Zoom invite, email:



Intuitive Development Class Offered in 2021

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New classes starting this January. 

Send an email to, and let me know if you wish to attend the Thursday or Saturday classes.esson 6

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The lessons have been reworked for the Intuitive Development Class so that it can be taught through Zoom! If you are interested in taking the class, I’m excited to present the new dates. A donation for the class is set at $90 donation for the entire 6 lessons. ($15 each)  Payment for the class can be made with the donate button by this link:

Your payment can be received two ways. If you want to pay per class, payment can be made at the above link. If you prepay, your donation would be $75 and would have to be paid before the first class. 

A conformation letter will be sent September 22. 



Lesson 1:  Introduction to intuition and intuitive development.

Learn the signs of intuition and how that plays in your life. Learn how to detect the signs. 

  • What is metaphysics?
  • Why does the spirit never die?
  • Where does the spirit go?
  • Learn why the things you see on TV are made for TV ratings and the distorted picture they present.
  • What are affirmations?
  • Why during the spiritual awakening, are there many people who experience the same thoughts, phenomena and feeling you experience. Learn the signs.
  • Do you trust a psychic? Learn the traits of a reputable psychic and one who you should be leary.
  • Journaling.

Exercise: Learn your Guide’s name, exploring your safe place, affirmations, introduction to the signs. Testing intuition, how to journal.

Lesson 2:    The world of Meditation, Laws of Nature and Smudging.

Meditation is vital when connecting with a higher vibration. Those who are serious in their mediumship will meditate. 

  • What are the various types of meditation that are effective in metaphysical practices? 
  • Why is meditation so important in our daily lives?
  • If you are having a hard time achieving that state of consciousness, this class will help you reach that higher self.
  • Protection prayers
  • Laws of Nature
  • What is smudging?
  • What are the differences in plants that can be burned?

Exercise: Testing intuition, Joy guide meditation, how to smudge, and protection prayers.

Lesson 3:   Discovering your mediumship abilities.

It’s important to understand why you sense things the way you do.

  • How does spirit communicate with us? 
  • How spiritual are you?
  • Learning a new language.
  • Tarot and Tarot Readers? 
  • What spiritual gifts do you have?

Exercise: Testing intuition with remote viewing, what is real and what is created by the mind, how spiritual are you, learning more of the signs from spirit, learning to give a message.

Lesson 4:    Angels and Healing

Study of a God (or gods) and the nature of the divine.

  • Earth Angels
  • Difference between Earth Angels and Lightworkers
  • Star children.
  • What is energy medicine and how does that impact our lives.
  • Are you an energy healer?
  • Healing stones.
  • How do mediums give readings?

Exercise: Learning more on your spirituality, are you an Earth angel? Practice the gift of giving spirit messages.

Lesson 5:    Mediumship – What are the different forms of Mediumship? What is Psychic? Can one be both? Learning to communicate with spirit.  What do the signs mean?

Know when to use each and what they contribute to each event.

  • What are the terms used in intuitive development?
  • What are the different types of Mediumship?
  • How to use a pendulum.
  • Readings with cards. 
  • Is color sensitivity real?
  • Learn and trust why there should be no fear in the movement of energy.
  • Learn how your guides communicate with you.

Exercise: Learn the elements of a physical/mental mediumship circle. Setting and using your pendulum, connecting with a loved one that is in spirit.

Lesson 6:   Trusting your Mediumship and Psychic skills. Informal Practice Circle. 

You will be involved in a Mediumship circle. Experience firsthand spirit communications. 

  • How your guides communicate with you.
  • Did you hear what I heard?
  • Did you see what I see?
  • Forming circle guidelines.

This is a commitment to mediumship development. You must attend each class to reach your goal of increasing your intuition.

  •       Please bring a three ring binder and some paper to the class.
  •       You may want to bring a pen and possibly something to drink.
  •       Each class is two hours. Dress comfortably. The class will meet every two weeks with a week break after two weeks.
  •       Cost of the class is a donation of $15 per class. This will cover the cost of printing and rent for the instruction space.
  •       To reserve your place or for any questions, comments or concerns contact Bonnie at revbonnie1216@aol.