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Harrison D. Barrett


Since the age of 17, Harrison D. Barrett became interested in Spiritualism. He was elected President of the National Spiritualist Association in 1893. His sister passed to spirit at the age of 12 and continued to communicate with him through rappings. Mr. Barrett's mediumship continued to unfold at Camp Etna, Bangor, Maine. He married Margarite M. Coffyn, together they published The Banner of Light (1897 to 1904). He wrote many books during his lifetime including Life Work of Cora. L. V. Richmond, Cassadaga; Its History and Teaching, The Evolution of Worship, The Soul's Song of Triumph, Psychic Romances and his last book Pantheistic Idealism. 


Life Work of Cora L.V. Richmond


Pioneers are an important part of our history. While the availability of some of the printed materials are rare, the information is important in understanding Spiritualism today. Spiritualism is a a religion based on the continuation of life and proving the phenomena that support the religion. Many pioneers paved the way for today's Spiritualists. 

Many of the writings are used today in the instruction for credentialed workers, including Ordained Spiritualist Ministers. To learn more about how you can become a credentialed Spiritualist worker (Commissioned Healer, Certified Medium, Licentiate Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and/or Ordained Minister, go to http://www.morrispratt.org. Morris Pratt Institute has been a part of the NSAC's education for almost 100 years.