As Spiritualism progresses, we know you want to be informed. Phenomena continually happens with more proof of continuation of life. Amazing results are reported with spiritual healing. The best way we can keep you informed is through this site. 

Our first service was held Sunday, April 2, 2017 at the Campus Religious Center on the ISU Campus.Since our first service, we have provided relevant and uplifting services that invoke the presence of the Infinite Intelligence. Each year on the anniversary of our first service, we celebrate our church, our congregation and the blessings that have been given to us from God. 

As newsletters are printed, they will be added to the site. We invite you to download the newsletter. If you have any suggestions, comments or concerns, we also invite your feedback.

This is an exciting time in history for one to explore the energy and teachings of Spiritualism. As we learn of Spiritualism in the news, that link will be updated as well. 

This is a big day for Spiritualism in Normal, Illinois! Huge thank you to the membership of the DCA in adding us to their service to God!

January 2018 Love of Spirit completed all requirements to be a charted member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. We are now a chartered auxiliary with the NSAC!