Student Ministers

Ministry is an important decision. When someone feel the call to ministry, it's a feeling that is sometimes questioned.Could God really direct one to lead others in spiritual growth? After reflection, one feels a desire to serve God and others. One feels a desire to surrender themselves to a higher service.

Our student ministers feel their gifts have been directed by God to help others through this physical experience. Our student ministers have embraced their spiritual gifts in which they understand God will give them the tools to be the best minister they can be. Through instruction and training, our student ministers receive validation in this turning point in life. Ministry becomes a passion instead of a job. 

One of the most rewarding feelings is when one feels the blessings that comes from embracing the challenge of ministry. It's as if a supernatural gift that manifests into a life where one truly trust God's direction. Has God called you to ministry? 

To explore the possibility of ministry, contact Pastor Bonnie at to set an appointment to discuss your options. Morris Pratt Institute is the seminary approved for the National Spiritualist Association of Churches


Darrin Ford

Prue Prentice