Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are committed to serving you. They work jointly  to supervise and provide a church where congregants can attend a safe, enriching service each Sunday. Our board continuously works on ways our church can improve to ensure the direction of our church continues in growth.The board is governed by our by-laws and establish church policies. 

The Board of Directors meets the third Sunday of each month. Meetings are conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order for structure guidance. Board meetings are open to all members. If you wish to have a concern listed on the agenda, contact the board secretary. Any items not added on the agenda by the membership will not be addressed. 

Each term is in effect for two years. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, you must be a member is good standing. Contact the board president if you would like to discuss your options. 

The success of Love of Spirit Spiritualist Church, NSAC depend on the leadership of the board. Each July the Board of Directors hosts an annual meeting of membership. The membership is informed of each area of the board. 

Darrin Ford - President

Elizabeth Stein - Secretary

Cindy Oakes - Trustee

Melanie Hearle - Trustee